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MARTEC is a Japanese trading company and manufacturer located in Kobe City with sales offices throughout Japan and group companies in Thailand and in China.

After the incorporation in 1974, we focused on the import and sales of lifting products from Sweden and soon became one of the leaders in the Japanese lifting equipment market. We continuously expanded our business relations with overseas suppliers of innovative products that meet our customer's demands. Today we import and distribute goods from companies in Belgium, Italy, Sweden, UK and USA.

Furthermore, we developed the manufacturing side of our company. In 2001 we opened a production site at our head office in Kobe to manufacture safety attachments for the construction machinery industry and to design and produce our own lifting products. In 2008 we started a joint venture in Samutprakam, Thailand where we transferred a part of our production. Through our group companies in China and Thailand we distribute our products to the Chinese market and to Southeast Asia.

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Products made by MARTEC

Our Products meet the highest safety and quality standards and fulfill the needs of customers from various industrial fields. Leading manufacturers of construction machinery, automobiles and steel trust the safe, labor-saving and convenient solutions we provide.

Our technical department conducts the whole product development process – from design and prototyping over testing to market launch – in compliance with our certified quality management system.

▷ Rotating Lifting Points

The unique rotating eye bolts FRENO LINKBOLT and ROTARY EYE BOLT are the result of product development process involving long-time experience in load lifting.
Main applications are lifting and turning of molds for large plastic components in the automotive industry (bumpers, instrument panels, door trims) and lifting of precast concrete parts like columns or stairs.
Key advantages of our lifting points are:

Download Rotating Lifting Points Catalogue



▷ Automatic Hooks and Insulated Hooks

At sites, where space and manpower are limited and lifted loads need to be released smoothly, our automatic AH HOOK is a safe and convenient solution. It allows both – engaging and releasing of loads – automatically, which makes it unnecessary to attach the load manually.
The AH is also an improvement of similar products in the market, because it is more durable and contains many spare parts which can be replaced once worn out.

MARTEC's insulated lifting product, the MI HOOK, is tested to resist 1000 Volt and therefore a suitable protection of overhead cranes during welding operations on suspended loads. The MI Hook is available for working load limits from 3 tons to 15 tons. The 15 ton model has the highest WLL among insulated hooks in Japan.

Product Video AH HOOK (Japanese)

Product Video MI HOOK (Japanese)

Imported Brands

▷ Lifting Products

MARTEC provides chain slings, lifting clamps, components like hooks, master links and coupling links, as well as load cells for weight measurement.

Over 80% of all hydraulic excavators manufactured in Japan are equipped with our weld-on bucket hook (UKN), which makes lifting operations at a construction site a safe and easy task.

Our lifting product lineup includes the brands:

Martec's high-quality lifting and weight measurement products

▷ Cleaning Machinery

We offer professional sweepers, high-pressure washers and scrubbers of internationally known manufacturers.

Equipped with the latest generation of filters, pumps, burners, motors and engines our machines guarantee excellent cleaning results, cost efficiency and environmentally friendly operation.

Our cleaning machinery lineup includes the brands:

  • DIBO
The road sweeper D6 is part of the cleaning equipment offered by Martec in Japan

Latest Topics

Exhibitions in May


In May 2024 we attended two trade shows in the Tokyo area – the N-EXPO 2024 where we presented our premium road sweeper D6 and the CSPI-EXPO 2024 where our booth attracted customers for load monitoring and lifting equipment as well as cleaning machinery.

Thanks everyone for visiting us!

Martec attended the N-EXPO 2024 and the CSPI-EXPO 2024.

Manufacturing World Nagoya 2024


From April 10th to 12th we showed our latest lifting equipment, load cells and cleaning machines at the Manufacturing World Nagoya and received a lot of positive feedback from customers.

We thank all visitors for their interest in our products!

Interested customers visit Martec's booth at the Manufacturing World Nagoya exhibition.

Introduction of the "BALANCE MASTER"


We proudly present the "BALANCE MASTER", a device we developed for well balanced lifting of asymmetric loads with a chain sling.

Once attached to the load, the BALANCE MASTER aligns itself to the center of gravity of the lifted object, improper balance of the load can be avoided.

For further details please take a look at our product page.
Link to product page (Japanese)

The Balance Master developed by Martec guarantees well balanced lifting of asymmetric loads



The small sizes of MARTEC's rotating eye bolt ROTARY EYE BOLT come in a new design. The hexagonal bolt head has been removed, which allows larger hooks or coupling links to be attached to the eye part.
The newly designed sizes are M12 to M24, suitable for working load limits from 0.6 t to 2.6 t.

For further details please see the product page.
Link to product page (Japanese)

New design for Martec's ROTARY EYE BOLT

Exhibition Schedule 2024


MARTEC will be present at various exhibitions througout 2024.

Martec will be present at various exhibitions througout 2024

Manufacturing World Nagoya

Location: Portmesse Nagoya
Time: April 10-12, 2024
Products we exhibit: Rotating lifting points and other lifting equipment, sweepers and other cleaning machinery

N-EXPO 2024

Location: Tokyo Big Sight
Time: May 22-24, 2024
Products we exhibit: Street sweepers, high-pressure cleaners and other cleaning machinery

Construction Survey Productivity Improvement EXPO (CSPI-EXPO 2024)

Location: Makuhari Messe
Time: May 22-24, 2024
Products we exhibit: Load cells, crane cameras

Manufacturing World Tokyo

Location: Tokyo Big Sight
Time: June 19-21, 2024
Products we exhibit: Lifting equipment, load cells, cleaning machinery

Manufacturing World Osaka

Location: INTEX Osaka
Time: October 2-4, 2024
Products we exhibit: Chain slings and other lifting equipment, sweepers and other cleaning machinery

Launch of Crane Camera System


In December 2023 MARTEC will be launching BLOKCAM onto the Japanese market.

BLOKCAM is a wireless crane camera system that can be quickly and easily attached to the hook block or boom tip of a crane. A load monitoring camera sends clear images from the area around the suspended load to a screen in the cab, contributing to the safety of construction site workers and work efficiency.
BLOKCAM assemblies for tower cranes and for mobile / telescopic cranes will be available.

For further details please see our product page.
Link to BLOKCAM product page (Japanese)

BLOKCAM crane camera system for increased safety at construction sites

Manufacturing World 2023 Osaka


Our presence at the Manufacturing World 2023 Osaka trade show from October 4th to 6th has been appreciated by many visitors, interested in our brand new crane cameras, load cells, chain slings and professional cleaning machinery.

We thank you all for three successful days!

MARTEC was present at the Manufacturing World 2023 show in Osaka

Manufacturing World Japan 2023


From June 21st to 23rd MARTEC presented lifting products, load cells and professional cleaning machines at the Manufacturing World Japan 2023 trade show in Tokyo.

Thank's everybody for visitng our booth!

Interested visitors inquiring about MARTEC products at the Manufacturing World Japan 2023 show in Tokyo

May – Month of Exhibitions


In May 2023 MARTEC exhibited at three trade shows – N-Expo 2023 / JECA Fair 2023 / Bariship 2023 – and presented its latest lifting products, load cells and cleaning machines.

We thank all visitors for meeting us at our stands!

MARTEC attracted customers at three exhibitions in May 2023

Lithium-ion sweepers launched


In April 2023 MARTEC launched its lithium-ion battery sweeper range, including ride-on sweepers and a vaccum street sweeper.

For further details please take a look at our EV sweeper product page.
Link to product page (Japanese)

MARTEC launched lithium-ion battery driven sweepers

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Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0046

TEL +81-(0)78-302-0460
Fax: +81-(0)78-302-1404

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